Back-to-back Feasts

Editor’s Corner
by Fr. Carlo Magno Saa, FSSPX

Two big feasts in one day, yet one great mystery they portray. Our Lady’s Purification and Our Lord’s Presentation outline the whole mystery of our redemption – Mary’s compassion complements her Son’s Passion. This is very relevant because they indicate the necessary condition as well as the proper intention by which we must continue our pilgrimage in the Visayas region.

Although the Blessed Virgin Mary has no need of Purification, since she did not conceived from a man but by the Holy Ghost; nevertheless, she submitted herself to this Mosaic Law giving us an example of obedience and humility. At the same time, she also teaches us that to be acceptable to God, to be able to make reparation for sins; we must be of ourselves sinless – pure in mind and in heart, or at least, not attached to any sin.

This first visit of Our Lord to the Temple of Jerusalem was like the Offertory of His Mass whose Immolation will be on His cross at Calvary. Today, the prophet Simeon declared Him – Light of the Gentiles and Glory of the Jews. Today, the prophetess Anna praised Him profusely. Like them, we also carry our blessed candles representing Christ and His true light – our Catholic Faith. So, as we continue our journey, let us be zealous missionaries, not promoters of False Ecumenism! Let us stay united to Jesus, Mary and Joseph so that by us, they may dissipate the darkness of the minds and hearts of our countrymen.