He comes through Her

Editor’s Corner
by Fr. Carlo Magno Saa, FSSPX

Since September, the houses and shops in the Philippines were already filled with Christmas decors and music. Unfortunately, that’s more of a commercialization, rather than a preparation; jumping over the various seasons of our Liturgical Year! So, before any celebration, we need some serious preparation. And, Advent is precisely that. As its name signifies, it prepares us for the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Its four Sundays commemorates those four thousand years from the Fall of Adam until the Birth of Christ. Yet at the same time, it challenges us to be always ready for His Second Coming.

In His First Coming, Our Lord did not come as a grown-up man, like Adam. Instead, He came as a Baby – the only Son, the First Born of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For, just as He was born without a human mother in heaven; so He was born without a human father here on earth. He took our human nature, so that He may share to us His divine nature. Still, all these can only happen if she consented. God’s plan depended on Mary’s consent. What about us, how dependent are we to her?

During Advent, let us learn from her how to consent to God’s particular plan for us. May our lives be a living echo of her loving consent; may our pilgrimage follow her in spirit from Nazareth to Bethlehem, so that on Christmas Day, Our Lord may be born once again in our hearts!

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