Keep on walking, Johnny!

Editor’s Corner
by Fr. Carlo Magno Saa, FSSPX

Keep on walking, Johnny!

It is one thing to begin the journey, another thing to finish the pilgrimage. But, like any heroic endeavor, three elements must concur towards its successful completion – conviction, commitment and coherence.

Conviction is not just the knowledge of truth, but also of its relevance. God confirmed the message of Fatima by the miracle of the sun and the fulfillment of its prophecies, especially of the Second World War. Its relevance implied in “the dogma of faith will be preserved in Portugal… “ is happening daily before our eyes – the silent apostasy of nations and even, of churchmen.

However, conviction must not remain theoretical; it must translate itself into practical resolution, into generous action. That is commitment. Walking with Our Lady is both a preaching and a penance. It reminds bystanders that they have a Spiritual Mother who wants to save them from Hell. The fact that, rain or shine, the pilgrims must continue to walk is already a great penance in itself.

Still, a continuous walk is not enough. Each step of this journey must animated by a great love of God, of Our Lady, and of our neighbors. What is the use of carrying around the Pilgrim Virgin, if our attitude and way of life is in conflict to her message? So, we need coherence. We don’t precede Our Lady – we only follow her, and that, even to the foot of the cross.

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