Marbel to Gensan to Davao

The Journal of Mary’s Mission Tour to Marbel-Gensan-Davao

The much anticipated day has come for the toughest pilgrimage ever seen in the Philippines:  2000 kilometers on highways and byways, over hills and valleys, across seas separating Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon… to walk Our Lady on her visit throughout the Philippines to beg for grace, guidance and protection.

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The day started very early.  The cooks started preparing food for 150 people: children, organizers, Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and pilgrims who lent their hands in the various tasks:  transferring chairs, disassembling and ferrying heavy tents, transporting sacks of wooden torches, refilling water jugs, setting up the conference venue, preparing for the Holy Mass…

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Today, October 31, the pilgrims assembled for the Holy Mass at 4:30 AM. At 6:30AM, immediately after coffee, we started moving out of Marbel.  We headed southeast towards Tupi, South Cotabato. There were 124 walkers excited to accompany the Pilgrim Virgin:  1 from Manila, 1 from Leyte, 2 from Butuan, 25 from Cagayan de Oro, 29 from Davao, 26 from Gensan, 4 from Iloilo and 37 from Marbel-Surallah-Norala.  Yes, the great walk has finally begun! click for full details

All Saints’ Day/ Tupi, South Cotabato:

Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer started hearing Confession at 7:30AM, then offered Mass at 8:00AM.  Mass ended at 9:30AM.  Then we had breakfast.  At 10:24AM, 74 pilgrims started walking towards Polomolok.  Along the way, 35 persons received the Brown Scapular.  In five hours, 18 kilometers were covered.  We arrived in Polomolok town at 3:30PM.

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On November 2, by 4:30 in the morning, having a Low Mass at Polomolok Central Elementary School. After the Mass, by 6:30 AM, they started to walk the 14 kms – from Polomolok to Forest Lake Cemetery, Apopong, General Santos City. Then almost 5 hours of walking, they finally arrived at Chinese Cemetery, Apopong, General Santos City. click for full details

On November 3, the Blessed Virgin Mary stayed at Fatima Village Relocation Center.
They pray the Holy Rosary led by Father Tim at 4:50 PM.
Then by 5:15-6:15 PM, Catechism with Father Tim.
74 people was attended. click for full details

At 4:00AM, the pilgrims gathered for the Misa de Gallo.  After eating a simple breakfast and clearing up the catechism center, they started the walk from Barangay Fatima to Rosa Mystica Chapel in Barangay San Isidro.

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First Saturday: Sung Mass, Adoration, Confession, Benediction.
Recollection for the catechists of the chapel, staff and volunteers of the Rosa Mystica Health Mission, construction workers of the Rosa Mystica and St. Joseph Church and for a few mission patients.

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8:00 AM – Holy Mass at Rosa Mystica & St. Joseph Chapel
After, earlier lunch time for the walk to start earlier.
11:49 AM – Pilgrimage started. 148 walkers while the pilgrims is on the way, Fr. Tim Pfeiffer has gone to Kawas and had a conference for the men there. click for full details


Holy Mass at 9:00AM, followed by Mary’s Mission:  Recollection for women in Kawas attended by (number) women.  After the Recollection, (number) women were enrolled in the Militia Immaculatae.

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Rest at the Gym, Catechism to visitors

As the previous night was very long, the priest was very tired. It didn’t help that he was having colds. So we were thankful that he was able to have a good sleep at the gym on a cot near the Pilgrim Virgin. We, regular pilgrims, slept on the bleachers and on the chairs. click for full details

Highlight:  29.88 kilometers walk under the smiling gaze of a very bright sun.  Received warmly at the 1002nd Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army.  Rosary and Marian Conference for 40 soldiers, imposition of scapulars.  Camp out for the night.

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Before leaving the military camp, Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer offered Holy Mass for 31 persons.  After the Mass, 33 persons attended the short catechism and received the Brown scapular.  Then we had a quick breakfast consisting of hot coffee plus a cup of rice and a piece of boiled egg. At 9:00AM, we left camp.

Six confessions were heard before Holy Mass.  Sixty persons attended the Holy Mass:  22 pilgrim walkers, 38 local parishioners (14 children and 24 adults).  After Holy Mass, eight more pilgrims arrived, thus making up 30 walkers for the day.  At 9:23AM, we donned our walkers’ uniforms and at 9:55AM, left St. Joseph Parish church. click for full details

There is something extraordinary in the ordinary kindness of the poor.  We had been expecting to sleep like gypsies along the highway, but the barangay officials offered a roof over our heads, keeping us safe from drunken and sleepy lorries.

Holy Mass in Barangay San Jose, Digos City. Catechism campaign.

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5:00 AM – Dawn Rosary at Abapo Residence.
7:00 AM – Holy Mass, 53 persons attended.
8:00 AM  – Mass ended, Breakfast Time.
9:26 AM – Catechism of 7 adults and 5 children.

Elderly women from Norala, South Cotabato are on the track!  These are people who want to walk the Pilgrim Virgin in thanksgiving for the unexpected healing of a child with heart disease.  No doubt, their hearts are on fire!

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The second to the last day of the pilgrimage of the Gensan-Davao route, the pilgrims woke up as early as 4:00 AM to prepare all the stuff that they need and also to attend their personal needs. At exactly 5:15 AM, his reverence, Fr. Eisenring offered the Holy sacrifice of the mass, with 50 attendees. click for full details

5:45 AM – Morning Prayers attended by 45 persons at Binugao Gymnasium, Toril, Davao City
6:00 AM – Breakfast Time (food: Rice and Sardines)
7:20 AM – Procession Started; 1st Stop is at Task Force Davao (AGILA Task Force Davao), at Sirawan click for full details