Mary’s Mission Apostolate

May 20, 2017 – Mary’s Mission is an Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima in which Our Lady herself is the main Missionary. This article is about the Mission itself and the follow-up.

While the Pilgrimage has not yet concluded, it has reaped many initial fruits for Our Lady 14,600 new Knights were enrolled in 3 months on the Island of Mindanao alone. And as Mary’s Mission Pilgrimage winds its way through the Philippine isles, more Knights are added to Mary’s Army.

Since the Consecration to Mary in the M.I. and the Miraculous Medal have a real efficacy, follow-up means to foster this efficacy. The immediate goal is to “stir up the grace of God that is in you by the imposition…” of the Miraculous Medal.

The secret of Mary’s Mission is that it is hers. And by constantly aiming at the great goals Our Lady proposes, the salvation of souls through prayer, sacrifice and consecration — at forming apostolic souls, we have far greater numbers of souls who will be saved. In other words, aiming for apostleship and reparation, saves more souls than going for realistic minimums. Striving to make people fervent M.I.s, makes many “regular” M.I.s who just say their prayer daily — but these would never have gotten this far if they were urged towards higher things.

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