Mary’s Mission Tour in Mindanao (Part I)

February 15, 2017 – The Message of Fatima has attained 100 years of Church History and after predicting wars and a terrible crisis of Faith, it has become the only reasonable sign of hope for the Catholic Church and means of peace for the world.

This makes Mary’s Mission Tour an urgent necessity and an apostolate that can and should be repeated throughout the world. Whether it is done on a big scale or a small scale, or even by simple personal effort — the bottom line is that Mary must conquer Satan “through Her seed”, that is, through Her devoted servants. Whether they be capable or barely capable, holy or hardly so, all are called by Her to fight Her fight and sanctify their souls in Her Immaculate Heart, leading them to Jesus, who will come again to judge the living and the dead.

After 3 months and 920 km of Mary’s Mission, it is possible to give a report of its actual method and current results. While it is too soon to measure the long-term effects, some follow-up work has already begun. The follow-up work will foster the initial graces dispersed by Our Lady during the Mission. This follow-up work will aim at perseverance and ever greater expansion of the reign of Mary’s Immaculate Heart in preparation for Her triumph over Satan.

The goal of Mary’s Mission is the same as Fatima, namely, to spread Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary throughout the world. The world, that is, the community of men that do not accept the Catholic Faith. Perhaps the conversion of the world through Mary’s Immaculate Heart is a gigantic goal that exceeds the possibilities of Mary’s Mission at the moment. If this be so, then Mary’s Mission acts as a sacramental of this will of God, a symbol of this Marian plan and apostolic effort. So that this divine plan becomes a reality, Mary’s Mission aims at raising an army to pursue the ultimate God-given goal of world conversion.

For this purpose, the statue of Our Lady mounted on a Carossa carrying Our Lady standing on a pedestal about 6 feet above the ground, covered by a small roof reaching 11 feet high, travels by man-power along Her prescribed route. As She goes Her way, Her servants strive to make Her plan understood and Her love felt, and they constantly keep this purpose in mind as they walk along the highway under Our Lady’s gaze and direction. On the average, 15–25 km will be covered per day. Sometimes it is more, rarely is it less. The determining factor is where will Our Lady find a resting place for the night, a place for Her Mission Mass, the imposition of Scapulars and the enrollment of new Knights into Her army?

For this reason an advance party of catechists canvass the route beforehand. They ply the route to and inquire where there will be Barangay Officials, or Municipality Mayors, or School Principals who would like to receive Our Lady, honor Her visit and receive Her gifts. The essential job of this advance crew is to identify good places for the evening apostolate and overnight stay. Once this site is prepared, they will look to various Barangay Halls or Municipalities which Our Lady will pass to see if they would like to honor Her visit by receiving Scapulars, or by consecrating their Barangay or Municipality to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, or by giving Our Lady time for Her Priest to preach and enroll volunteers in the Militia Immaculatae. Schools too are visited to see if Principals and teachers would like to cooperate in Mary’s Mission and enable their students to avail of this apostolic opportunity. During the Mission, a very fruitful apostolate in schools has been effected.

Because of the Graces that can flow into a city through its institutions, it has also been an important task of the advance party catechetical crew to open the doors of schools to Our Lady. In the course of Mary’s Mission, more than 28 Schools have been visited and been given the Scapular or Miraculous Medal. Some of these schools received the Conference on the M.I. and 9,190 new Knights were given to Our Lady for Her victory over Satan. May these young knights ranging from 9–20 years of age persevere in their MI prayer every day! Due to this apostolate, a considerable number of people walking around Cagayan de Oro, Butuan City and even Surigao will notice children and young people in promenade with blue-stringed Miraculous Medals strung about their necks — the sign of their consecration to Mary in the M.I. This visible influence of Our Lady through Her Miraculous Medal and through the consecration of souls to Her service will have beautiful effects for the salvation of many souls! In the school apostolate, working with classes or school sections, it is possible to deploy the power of the Miraculous Medal, the ensign and weapon of the M.I., in a ceremony of large numbers, recreating as it were the original concept of the M.I., a universal movement under the influence and direction of Mary. Here, however, the follow-up work of the initial grace of consecration is immense, and so we must pray hard that Our Lady stirs up more members for the M.I. to do this important work.

While human comfort is not the purpose of Mary’s Mission, thanks to the advance party, and throughout the course of the Mission from its beginning, Our Lady and Her crew has always had the shelter of a Barangay Hall covered Court, or a Municipal Gym. Never has Mary’s Mission team been forced to camp-out on the side of the road has we had thought would be necessary. Despite many difficulties such as the lack of available personnel to prepare in advance, or the occasional request of a Bishop to Barangay captains or from clergy to School Principals not to receive Our Lady’s crew, Our Lady and her servants have always had shelter, and usually, the necessary water.

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