Mary’s Mission Tour (Part IV)

Mary’s Mission everywhere
February 18, 2017 – If Mary’s Mission at Fatima is to reach the stated goal of establishing “Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” throughout the world, then some form of Mary’s Mission now underway in the Philippines should be repeated everywhere. Here, follow some suggestions on doing this.

How to do it
1) Obtain a beautiful statue of Our Lady, 36in — 42in tall, with a bier on which She can be carried and which can be decorated.
2) Organize a catechetical advance team to prepare Her mission in some place, by talking if possible, with the area leaders, to obtain their support and aid.
3) Recruit a catechetical team to accompany Our Lady.
4) Find a Priest for the sermons, Masses, Sacraments and Sacramentals.
5) Plan a date or dates.
6) Get plenty of Scapulars and Miraculous Medals.
7) Print plenty of flyers available from MI website.
8) Form a clear idea of the goal of Mary’s Mission: Propagate the basic message of Fatima, manifest Her Mother’s Charity for men through the Scapular and Miraculous Medal, call many to consecrated service through the MI and distribution of the Miraculous Medal.
9) Be willing to persevere no matter what, to work as zealously for few as for many, because ALL is for Our Queen.
10) Be ready for the hard work of fostering the graces once received through any follow-up that is possible. For the MI, this is very simple, remind, and remind again to say the MI prayer daily.

METHOD (To be adapted to characteristics of times and places)
1) Gather team at appointed time and place, at some distance from the place of Mary’s Mission Mass to allow a procession, which will be tool of apostolate through an area of any size and length, as deemed suitable and profitable.
2) Say the prayers of Fatima, start the Rosary, and then start the procession at first decade.
3) At any convenient place, stop, and call people, or let them gather for the reception of sacramentals, literature etc. Upon giving these, invite to the Mass. When people receive something, they are more likely to hear your message and follow your invitation. Proceed, and if possible, repeat the stop and short call to the Mission, keeping in mind the schedule.
4) Arrive at Mary’s Mission Mass place in time to prepare Mass and start on time.
5) Mass with sermon on Fatima theme and invitation to serve in the M.I.
6) After Mass scapulars with invitation to the M.I.
7) M.I. conference and ceremony.

Mary’s Mission Trimester Report:
1) KM 920 km
2) Scapulars distributed: approximately 25,000
3) Cities, Municipalities, Barangays & other institutions consecrated: 32.
4) M.I.’s enrolled on the Mission Trail: 5,099
5) M.I.’s enrolled in schools: 9,190
6) M.I.’s enrolled in Cities or Municipalities: 571
7) TOTAL M.I.’s from Mary’s Mission: 14,860

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