Read Me or Rue It

by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. [E.D.M.]

Forgetfulness of our beloved dead is one of the saddest realities of life among Catholics, especially today! God has given us the means to relieve them of their sufferings in Purgatory, yet “their memory seems to perish with the sound of the funeral bells.” (St. Francis de Sales). However, we can begin today to make good this neglect by using the powerful spiritual means described in this inspiring book.

In Read Me or Rue It the very popular priest writer, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, tells many true stories about the Poor Souls in Purgatory. He relates incidents from the lives of the Saints to show their great sufferings, our obligation to help them, as well as the many helps and graces which they obtain for their benefactors in return.

This already-famous little book needs to be spread far and wide. It will lead to a powerful link between ourselves and the “Church Suffering,” our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer the torments of Purgatory – a powerful bond of holy charity whereby we shall please God, send souls to Heaven, and obtain for ourselves and our families a host of priceless graces and blessings.

“I received many and great favors from the Saints, but still greater favors from the Holy Souls.” –St. Catherine of Bologna


Cardinal’s Palace, Lisbon March 4, 1936

We approve and recommend with all our heart the beautiful little book, Read Me or Rue, It by E. D. M. [These initials used by Fr. O’Sullivan stand for Enfant de Marie, that is, “Child of Mary” Ed.]

Although small, it is destined to do great good among Catholics, many of whom are incredibly ignorant of the great doctrine of Purgatory. As a consequence, they do little or nothing to avoid it themselves and little to help the Poor Souls who are suffering there so intensely, waiting for the Masses and prayers which should be offered for them.

It is our earnest desire that every Catholic should read this little book and spread it about as widely as possible.