Storming Heaven with Prayers through Mary

Phivolcs warns Valley Fault residents

MANILA, Philippines, February 14 – Residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces should prepare for the “Big One,” a magnitude 7.2 earthquake to be generated by the West Valley Fault, which is ripe for movement.

Amid the devastation caused by the magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Surigao, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) yesterday appealed to residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces to prepare for a powerful earthquake that could kill thousands.

“Everyone must learn from the recent effects of the magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Surigao del Norte. If a similar event happens in a highly urbanized area, the effects can be more devastating,” Phivolcs director Renato Solidum warned.

State seismologists have repeatedly warned the public that the West Valley Fault is ripe for movement.

“Everyone must learn from the recent effects of the magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Surigao del Norte. If a similar event happens in a highly urbanized area, the effects can be more devastating,” Phivolcs director Renato Solidum warned. AP/File

MAPS: Are you in a Metro Manila earthquake zone?

The West Valley Fault, Solidum said, moves roughly every 400 years. The last major earthquake generated by this fault was in 1658 or 357 years ago.

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The 100-kilometer fault traverses parts of Bulacan through Quezon City, Marikina, Makati, Pasig, Taguig and Muntinlupa in Metro Manila; San Pedro, Biñan, Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba in Laguna; and Carmona, General Mariano Alvarez and Silang in Cavite.

A 2004 study funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency for Phivolcs and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority showed that the magnitude 7.2 quake could kill up to 34,000 people and injure 100,000 others due to collapsed buildings.

Solidum explained that the movement of the Philippine Fault (Surigao segment) would not trigger the movement of faults farther like the West Valley Fault.

Phivolcs continued to record aftershocks from the magnitude 6.7 quake that hit Surigao last Friday night, killing at least eight people and injuring hundreds.

More than 150 aftershocks have been recorded as of yesterday morning, Phivolcs said.

At 3:51 a.m. yesterday, an aftershock of magnitude 4.1 struck Surigao. It was reportedly felt at Intensity 3 in the city.

Phivolcs earlier warned the public to brace for more aftershocks from the magnitude 6.7 quake that could collapse already damaged structures.

Eastern Mindanao, including Surigao del Norte, is one of the earthquake prone areas in the country because of the Philippine Fault and Philippine Trench.

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‘Big One’ Earthquake Might Strike Anytime, Phivolcs Says

February 22, 2017 – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) confirmed that ‘big one’ earthquake might now strike anytime due to irregular movements of west valley fault.

Previously, Phivolcs announced that there is an upcoming ‘big one’ earthquake that could hit Metro Manila and its nearby provinces under the west valley faults. The disastrous earthquake was expected to strike 3 to 4 years from now, but Phivolcs confirmed that the quake could strike anytime.

Two major faults or trenches in the country were now under the observation of Phivolcs. When these faults start to move, a large area of Luzon would be affected by the expected 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) also explained that San Manuel Fault Line in the province where San Roque Dam was built could be possibly affected by the quake due to west valley fault movement.

The expected movement of Manila trench in the West Philippine Sea might cause a devastating tsunami in the 14 coastal towns of Pangasinan. PDRRMC spokesperson Avenix Arenas also said that Bulacan, Metro Manila up to Southern Luzon will the most quake and tsunami affected areas.

Some studies show that a 32 feet tsunami could be generated by the upcoming disastrous earthquake. Residents in the coastal areas of the affected areas should prepare anytime for the quake could possibly strike anytime.

Arenas also advised the residents of the affected areas to be well-prepared on the upcoming devastating earthquake to avoid injuries and casualties. Earthquake drills, preparations, and equipment could help the residents in the affected areas to be well prepared.

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‘Blessed Virgin Mary and Lord Jesus’ Statues protected from Disasters

Palm Sunday tornado, April 11, 1965, St. Mary on the Lake Catholic Church

Crucifix that stood tall amidst all the rubble around it in Haiti, 2010

Queens NY, after Sandy’s flooding and then horrific fire, this grotto still stood among the ruins, 2012

In the Aftermath of Bohol Earthquake, 2013

In the Aftermath of Bohol Earthquake, 2013

Statue of the Virgin Mary is Left Miraculously Intact After Fire in Military Base, Madrid 2015

In the Village of Sant’ Angelo in Central Italy, 2016

In the Church of Sant’ Angelo in Central Italy, 2016

Statue of Mary found amid rubble from the Earthquake in Ecuador on April 16, 2016. Courtesy of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

A testament to the fact that sacramentals (statues, crucifixes, icons, and other material objects representing our Catholic faith) are truly “sacred signs instituted by the Church to prepare us to receive the fruit of the sacraments and to sanctify different circumstances of our lives” (CCC 1677). They are spiritually powerful when they carry the blessing of a Catholic priest.

Sacramentals matter, and they serve a very important purpose to strengthen our faith, to invite us into prayer, and to deepen our relationship with God. I hope that these photos will encourage you to keep blessed objects in your home, your car, and any other place where you and your family members spend a significant amount of time. (

Let us consecrate ourselves and our families daily to the “Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

‘Prayer to Mary Help of Christians’

Most holy Virgin Mary, appointed by God to be the Help of Christians, we choose you as the Mother and protectress of our home. We ask you to favour us with your powerful protection. Preserve our home from every danger, from fire, flood, lightning, storm, earthquake, thieves, vandals, and from every other danger. Bless us, protect us, defend us, keep as your own all the people who dwell in this home: protect them from all accidents and misfortunes, but above of all obtain for them the most important grace of avoiding sin. Mary help of Christians pray for all those- who live in this home which is consecrated to you for all time. Amen

Prayer Against Storms, Earthquakes, and Other Disasters

(+ Denotes times to make the sign of the cross)

Most precious blood of Jesus Christ,  save us and the whole world.
Jesus Christ, a King of Glory
Has come in peace. +
God became man, +
And the Word was made flesh +
Christ was born of a virgin. +

Christ suffered.  +
Christ was crucified. +
Christ died.+
Christ rose from the dead. +
Christ ascended into heaven. +
Christ conquers.+
Christ reigns. +
Christ orders. +

May Christ protect us
From all storms, earthquakes,
And other disasters. +
Christ went through their midst in peace +
And the Word was made Flesh. +
Christ is with us with Mary. +
Flee, you enemy spirits because
The Lion of the Generation Judah,
The root of David has won. +

Holy God!+
Holy powerful God! +
Holy immortal God! +

Have mercy on us. Amen.

Reparation Prayer to the Eternal Father

Eternal Father, I offer Thee all the wounds of thy dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ, the pains and agonies of his Most Sacred Heart, and his most precious blood which gushed forth from  all His wounds in reparation for my sins and those of the whole world. Amen. (3x)

Response:   Pray for us

St. Agatha
St. Andrew Corsini
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Barbara
St. Benedict
St. Emygdius
St. Francis de Borgia
St. Gertrude of Nivelles
St. Michael and the Archangels
St. Gregory
14 Holy Helpers
St. Patrick of Ireland
St. Pio of Pietreicina
St. Roche
St. Scholastica
St. Teresa of Avila

O Crux ave, spes unica et Verbum caro factum est – O Jesu Christe, victor mortis, salva nos!

O Cross, only hope and the Word made flesh – O Jesus Christ, conqueror of death, save us!

With ecclesiastical approval