Those Who ‘Object’

THE GOSPEL AS REVEALED TO ME, Volume #10, pp. 550-551

“…if you object that Revelation was closed with the last Apostle (John), and there was nothing further to add, because the same Apostle says in Revelation: “If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book” (22:18) and that can be understood for all the Revelation, the last completion of which is the Revelation by John, I reply to you that with this work no addition was made to Revelation, but only the gaps, brought about by natural causes and by supernatural will, were filled in.

     And if I wanted to take pleasure in restoring the picture of My Divine Charity as a restorer of mosaics does replacing the tesserae damaged or missing, reinstating the mosaic in its complete beauty, and I have decided to do it in this century in which mankind is hurling itself  towards the Abyss of darkness and horror, can you forbid Me from doing so?  Can you perhaps say that you do not need it, you whose spirits are dull, weak, deaf to lights, voices and invitations from Above?

     You ought really to bless Me for increasing with new lights the light that you have and that is no longer sufficient for you to “see” your Savior.  To see the Way, the Truth and the Life, and feel that spiritual emotion of the just of My time rise in you, attaining through this knowledge a renewal of your spirits in love, that would be your salvation, because it is an ascent towards perfection.

     I do not say you are “dead”, but sleeping, drowsy.  Like plants during their winter sleep.  The divine Sun gives you its refulgence.  Awake and bless the Sun that gives you itself, receive it with joy that It may warm you, from the surface to deep inside you, it may rouse you and cover you with flowers and fruits.

     Rise.  Come to My Gift.

     “Take and eat.  Take and drink” I said to the apostles.

     “If you only knew the gift of God and Who it is that is saying to you: ‘give Me a drink’, you would have been the one to ask, and He would have given you living water” I said to the Samaritan woman (John 4:10).

     I say also now: to doctors and to Samaritans as well.  Because both extreme classes need it, and also those need it, who are between the two extremes.  The former not to be underfed and deprived of strength also with regard to themselves, and of supernatural nourishment for those who languish with lack of knowledge of God, of the God-Man, of the Master and Savior.  The latter because souls need living water, when they perish far away from the springs.  Those in the middle, between the former and the latter, the great mass of those who are not big sinners, and also of those who are static in not making any progress, through laziness, tepidness, because of a wrong concept of holiness, those who are scrupulous of not being damned, of being observant, of becoming entangled in a labyrinth of superficial practices, but dare not take a step on the steep, very steep road of heroism, so that from this work they may receive the initial incentive to come out of that immobility and set out on the heroic way.

     I tell you these words.  I offer you this food and this drink of living water.  My word is Life.  And I want you in the Life, with Me.  And I multiply My Word to counterbalance the miasmata of Satan as they destroy the vital strength of your spirit.

     Do not reject Me.  I am anxious to give Myself to you, because I love you.  And My anxiety is inextinguishable.  I ardently wish to communicate Myself to you to make you ready for the banquet of the celestial nuptials.  And you need Me in order not to languish, to dress yourselves with dresses adorned for the Wedding of the Lamb, for the great feast of God after overcoming the affliction in this desert full of snares, of brambles and snakes, which is the Earth, to pass through flames without suffering damage, to tread on reptiles and have to take poisons without dying (Mark 16:18), as you have Me in you.”

“…And I (Jesus) also say to you:

“Take, do take this work and  ‘do not seal it’, but read it and have it read

‘because the time is close'” (John, REVELATION, 22:10)

 “and let those who are holy become holier”  Rev. 22:11.

May the grace of your Lord Jesus Christ be with all those who in this book see an approach of Mine and urge it to be accomplished, to their defense, with the cry of Love: “Come, Lord Jesus!”

Excerpt from the 2nd last page of  THE GOSPEL AS REVEALED TO ME, Volume #10, page 552.

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