What a Week

Editor’s Corner
by Fr. Carlo Magno Saa, FSSPX

Holy Week…what a week! For some, Holy Week is a long weekend holiday. But for those who take their Catholic faith seriously, it is the privileged time to recall the last week of Our Lord’s life here on earth. His love is neither a joke, nor a child’s play. He sealed it with His blood, He gave up His life for us! So, during this week, let us try to suffer in our souls what Jesus once suffered in His soul and body.

The heat, the fatigue and even the opposition of the local Catholic hierarchy are only splinters of Our Lord’s holy cross. Each of us must be ready to accept all of them if our pilgrimage should not be in vain. For whoever suffers for Christ will be glorified with Him as well. Besides, we are never alone in carrying the cross. Our Lord is always carrying it, ours is just a portion of it. And, Our Lady always follow it. She will give us encouragement and a helping hand whenever we fall by its heavy weight.

So, as we continue our pilgrimage, let us remember to ask ourselves three very important questions – what have I done for Christ; what am I doing for Christ and what must I do for Him? Often, what we can do is really nothing much. However, like the Blessed Virgin Mary at the foot of the cross, we can always and everywhere offer Him our love and our compassion; tears of sympathy and true contrition. These are all that He expects from us. May we be generous in giving them and may the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary share to us her courage and strength to carry our daily crosses after Jesus and to transform each suffering into an act of pure love and perfect reparation.

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